Senior Games Developer

Game development is pretty challenging. It requires a programmer ninja with many different set of skills. Game Developers at Hub43 are given a lot of freedom and are involved in many of the key game design aspects. You are able to operate on your own, make the right calls when needed and also know when it is time to take other team members' opinions.

We are looking for an experienced game developer who is self-motivated, goal-orientated and a strong team player. You care about the quality of your work and take pride in it. You think long term about how the code will be used and what can go wrong in advance and write stable, bulletproof modules that can be easily used and consumed by other team members. You constantly iterate on your code, to make it smaller, simpler, more efficient and more stable. You know how to communicate your ideas clearly and enjoy discussions with other team members to make things better.


  1. Use Test Driven Development to write robust code to be used by millions of users
  2. Involvement in all areas of game development including Game Logic, Artificial Intelligence, User Interface and Networking.
  3. Support and contribute new ideas to game design.
  4. Review other team members code in pull requests and addressing other developers comments on your code.
  5. Independently create complete solutions from scratch
  6. Work as part of a team, but with plenty of opportunity to take responsibility on an individual level


  1. Strong experience in software / game development
  2. Experience writing shaders
  3. Understanding of networking and TCP/IP
  4. Understanding of code optimizations
  5. Experience with Unity 3D and C#
  6. Passion for games
  7. Experience with Test Driven Development
  8. Experience with working remotely is a plus

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